How does the National Pet Care Fund Work?

The National Pet Care Fund provides a grant to low-income Canadian pet owners, to cover a portion of the costs of non-elective medical care for their companion animals.

How can I apply for financial assistance from with the National Pet Care Fund?

Applying is easy – just complete a simple application form and include your current Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment.  Click here to apply.

Who qualifies to receive financial assistance from the National Pet Care Fund?

Low-income Canadians who qualify according to the LICO Tables for their province or territory, who own a companion animal that requires non-elective medical treatment.

What are the LICO Tables?

The Canadian LICO tables, established by Statistics Canada, are income thresholds below which a person or family will likely devote a larger share of income on the necessities of food, shelter and clothing than the average family. The NCPF uses these tables to determine eligibility for financial aid.

Which type of pet qualifies for funding?

Pets that are covered by the  NPCF grant include cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents (gerbils or hamsters), and caged birds. The NPCF does not provide funding for farm animal treatments or procedures or for any commercial livestock or zoological animals.

What kind of vet procedures/medication are covered by the fund?

The NPCF covers select, non-elective procedures and treatments such as cancerous or likely cancerous mass removals, radiographs for fractures, acute onset pain conditions, and a variety of other situations requiring medical intervention. For a full list of what is and isn’t covered please visit our Approved Medical Procedures section.

What are the funding limits?

Content will be available soon. Please visit again.

How quickly can I receive the funding or get approval?

Content will be available soon. Please visit again.

Are emergencies considered for funding?

Yes, emergencies do qualify, however, emergency medical care may need to be provided on an immediate basis to your companion animal. Waiting to have your NPCF pet parent application approved as well as your grant request may not be approved in time and may compromise the health and safety of your companion animal.  

Even if you do not have a companion animal in need of medical help at this time, we encourage you to apply to become an NPCF pet parent in advance in order to  reduce waiting times to receive financial assistance in the future.

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