Carla’s Crew

Carla Fehr is the proud pet parent of four companion animals – all dogs, including a rescue, and one that was re-homed. She is a dedicated dog owner with a deep love for companion animals of all kinds and has always been amazed by the friendship and love that exists between a pet and their owner.

She believes that there are many incredible benefits to this special bond evidenced in how her own pets keep her and her family members grounded while giving them the peace and understanding they need to recover from the daily challenges of life.

And now here is Carla’s crew:


Mr. Finn, also known as “The Colonel”, makes sure everyone is always safe and faithfully guards our property. He is our therapy dog and knows when you need a helping hand or a hug or lick. Finn was a rescue dog from Northern Manitoba and is 11 years old. We are not sure but we think he is a mix of great dane, deerhound and maybe a lab?


Sasha, our “Drill Sargent” husky, also known as the “fun police” and “beauty girl”. Her eighties makeup is to die for, and she makes sure her girl power attitude is known to the rest fo the crew. She was adopted from a local pet store as puppy and our Vet called her a super senior having just turned 13 years old.


Amber, our newest husky crew member and the official ambassador of the NPCF, is the biggest character of the 4 dogs! She has brought some welcome new energy to our senior pack! Princess of the snow bath, she also goes by “Ambi Bambi” and jumps like a young doe too! Amber needed a new home and we were happy to give that to her, and she fits right in with this crew!

Sadly, and a short time after we got her, Amber contracted blastomycosis and as a result she had to have her eyes removed. Thankfully, after 6 moths of treatment, she has made a full recovery. Even though she is blind, she has a wonderful quality of life as her other senses sharpened to help compensate. She can even chase Hudson down from a cold start in our yard and tackle him to the ground!


Hudson the “family sweetheart”, our real life “teddy bear” he gives great hugs! Also known as “Huddy Buddy”.  Huddy Buddy is a polar white husky and a local Manitoba boy and was adopted as a puppy. He is 11 years old.

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