Carla Fehr’s Personal Story

Dear Friends,

I want to share my story with you, and how my love for companion animals, along with my own personal experience as a pet parent, has fueled my passion to help Canadians who are struggling financially and cannot afford urgently needed medical care for their companion animals.

There was a time in my life as a young single parent, when I too faced the bleak prospect of having to reconcile between spending what little money I had for groceries and utilities, against urgent medical care required for my beloved rescue dog Finn.

No one should ever have to face that kind of devastating choice where the essential needs of basic survival are at stake. Sadly, the outcome can often be tragic as a result, with pets suffering and sometimes dying because their medical care is delayed or postponed. In some cases, pets are being turned over to the local humane society for care, and are often put down as a terrible last resort.

I never forgot those days and the hardships that I experienced. As I entered midlife and found myself in a better financial place, I started to think about giving my time to charity work and often thought about how I could help animals and people at the same time.

After doing some research, I learned about The Farley Foundation, a charity run by veterinarians that helped subsidize non-elective medical procedures for companion animals of low-income Ontario residents and I came to the conclusion that there should be a program like this for all Canadians.

I was introduced to a Canadian charity that no longer operates but had retained funding and was looking for new charity ideas to support. I presented my business plan for a new national charity to provide financial assistance to low-income Canadians with urgent medical needs for their companion animals. My proposal was accepted, and with an endowment from them and their support, the National Pet Care Fund (NPCF) was born.

As the proud pet parent of four beautiful dogs (including a rescue and a re-homed dog as well), it is my privilege to serve as CEO of the NPCF. Our goal is to build a national organization that can provide the financial and community support required to ensure the health of our companion animals when an urgent medical situation presents, and the household budget falls short.

I invite you to learn more about the NPCF, to make a donation if you can, sign up to volunteer, participate as a vet or a corporate sponsor, or to apply for financial assistance and support if you ever find yourself in need.


Carla Fehr
Co-Founder & CEO
National Pet Care Fund

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