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The National Pet Care Fund partners with Canadian veterinarians who share the vision of ensuring companion animals get the urgent medical care they need when they need it!  By joining our “Matching Grant Program”, you can help the NPCF provide financial assistance to low-income pet owners across the country who may be delaying or not proceeding with urgent medical care for their beloved companion animals, due to a lack of available funds.

Veterinarians often receive requests by pet parents to reduce their fees for the medical care they provide, citing financial hardship as a cause. By partnering with the NPCF, the stress and challenge of trying to make decisions about who to provide financial assistance to, is greatly reduced.

The NPCF identifies low income Canadians that apply for assistance, by using the national low income cut off tables. Once approved, and a grant is provided by the NPCF, the participating vet partner, providing the urgent medical care, is invited to match all or a portion of the grant provided.

NPCF wants to create a national network of participating veterinarians and clinics in every province and territory and would love to have a conversation with you about how you could become involved in your community by registering to become an NPCF Vet Partner.

Click here to learn more about our community of vets and clinics and what it means to be an NPCF Vet Partner.


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