A New National Charity to Help Reduce Companion Animal Suffering

The National Pet Care Fund is a newly founded charitable organization providing help to low-income Canadian pet owners, by providing a grant to cover a portion of urgent, non-elective medical costs for their sick or injured companion animals.

Receive up to $500* in Financial Assistance for Your Pet’s Urgent Medical Care.

*  The NPCF provides a grant of 50% of your pet’s approved urgent medical need (up to a maximum of $250), along with up to $250 from participating veterinary clinics.

Meet Our Co-Founder and CEO

The National Pet Care Fund was co-founded by Carla Fehr, whose vision to help low-income Canadians care for their pets was drawn from her own experiences as a single parent. Earlier in her life, Carla struggled financially to provide for her family and cover the costs of urgent medical care needed for her beloved rescue dog Finn. Learn more about her story and her commitment to companion animals and her mission to offer the NPCF program throughout Canada.

Carla Fehr, Co-Founder & CEO

No Pet Should Go Without Urgent Medical Care

Pet ownership can be very expensive, and a lack of available funds can often mean that urgent non-elective medical care is delayed or postponed indefinitely for companion animals causing pain and suffering for both the pet and their owner.

The National Pet Care Fund (NPCF) invites all Canadians who own a companion animal, and who may qualify for assistance based on their personal and household income, to apply for financial aid. You may be eligible to receive financial assistance to help cover the cost of non-elective veterinary services and procedures.

Become an NPCF Pet Parent and Receive a Grant

By becoming an NPCF Pet Parent you could receive a grant to help cover the cost of non-elective medical care for your companion animal.

The NPCF uses the Statistics Canada Low-Income Cut-off tables (LICOs) to determine if a pet owner qualifies for assistance. The LICOs are income thresholds below which a person or family will likely devote a larger share of income on the necessities of food, shelter and clothing than the average family.

Applying is easy – just create an NPCF Account first and then proceed to complete the application form to become an NPCF Pet Parent, including your current Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment with your application. Once approved, an additional form will need to be completed that provides details on your pet’s non-elective medical need. Grants will be approved on a first come first serve basis, and will be subject to available funding.

Even if your pet is not in need of medical assistance today, by pre-applying to become an NPCF pet parent you will save time when you need financial aid in the future.


Become an NPCF Vet Partner Today

If you are a Canadian Veterinarian or operate a veterinary clinic, register now to join NPCF’s Vet Partner Matching Grant Program. The program was developed to help ensure that the financial help you decide to provide pet owners is going to those who are truly in need.


Give the Gift of Pet Health

The National Pet Care Foundation relies on the financial support of generous individuals and organizations who believe in its mission, through donations. Please give generously.

Become an NPCF Ambassador

If you would like to become an NPCF ambassador and help us raise awareness about the NPCF charity, please sign up here.

Please share the NPCF story with all of your contacts. When the charity officially launches you will also be able to help us raise funds by contributing your time at local fundraising events as a volunteer.

March 14, 2024The National Pet Care Fund Benefit Concert Featuring Juno Award Winning Singer Alan Frew of Glass Tiger Was a Great Success!

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